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Correction Day Update

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Correction Day Update
by Carol Robb - Saturday, 13 October 2012, 10:21 AM

Hello Parents,

A few of you had called and asked if Thursday was a holiday for Sun Peaks students before every FRIDAY non-instructional day.


As per the four day calendar posted on the website and under PARENTS above- the ONLY CORRECTION DAY approved by the Board of Education and the KTTA Union was THURSDAY OCT.18. You see it marked as *0 and it is the only one.

One other correction made was that on the last day of class on JUNE 27- Sun Peaks Students dismiss at 10:45 am.

I know for many of you this becomes a daycare issue so I am informing you now that the calendar is correct and you can plan accordingly.

With thanks and apologies for any confusion.

Ms. Robb