School Learning Plan

School Goals

Goal One:  Foundational Skills with a focus on numeracy and literacy.

Students will develop and improve foundational skills, specifically numeracy skills that will involve applying mathematical concepts and skills to solve problems in real life situations as well as literacy skills that develop inquiry and critical thinking.
Related District Strategic Plan Goal

Priority 1: Ensure each student acquires strong foundational skills and core competencies.

Goal Two:  Social Emotional

We want our students at Sun Peaks Elementary to be engaged, active learners who are self-aware, caring, respectful, and decision makers. Students, families, and community members strive to work together to support the healthy development of all students.
Related District Strategic Plan Goal

Priority 3: Honour the First People’s principles of learning, and Aboriginal worldview and perspectives

Priority 4: Foster and inclusive, adaptable and accountable district culture

Priority 5: Strengthen partnerships to enrich the way we lead, learn and work


Sun Peaks Elementary School PBIS Matrix

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